Mike Heiligenstein Leads The Talk About Austin’s Future Transportation Needs

In December of 2016, experts met at the Williamson County Growth Summit to discussion the Austin area’s transportation challenges and the needs of the community. The panel included people like RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kopser, ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, Uber External Affairs Director Leandre Johns, and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein.



The discussion focused on how technology keeps changing the face of transportation in not only Austin but the entire area. Heiligenstein led the conversations away from technology however, stating that even though technology like driverless vehicles and ridesharing apps could certain transform transportation, the Austin area still has to grow its transportation capacity by building more roads that are also smarter. He believes this will be the only way to meet the demands of the rapidly growing population in the city and suburbs alike.



Heiligenstein knows that the county has done a tremendous job over the years restructuring transportation infrastructure, but the fact is that more and more people will be living in the area. The area needs to expand their capacities, making more efficient and technologically advanced roads.



In response to a question about what policymakers need to do to prepare for future transportation’s needs, Ficklin simply emphasized the need for flexible building and land codes. As he points out in an example, the future of autonomous vehicles will lead to the need for parking garages that will only need to be five feet tall, with charging stations on each level. That, for example, does not fit into any current building code.



Johns, from Uber, also made an emphasis on the necessary steps to help the commuters of the Austin area. Ridesharing apps like Uber can take the guesswork out of first and last-mile solutions for their daily lives. Companies like Uber can even work to create subsidies that help both the commuters and the transit agency.



The CTRMA is an independent government agency that was created to improve the transportation system in two Texas counties. The mission of the CTRMA is to use innovative transportation solutions to help reduce congestion and enhance the quality of life for its residents.



Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the CTRMA. He has had a distinguished career in the industry and has represented the citizens of Central Texas by serving as an elected official for 23 years. He has led efforts to expand the area’s water and transportation infrastructure.



Financial Expert Brian Bonar

BDr. Brian Bonar serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept. He also has the positions of Chief Financial Officer, President, Principal Accounting Officer, and its Treasurer and Secretary. Trucept is a company that provides outsourced human resources to other professional services companies. By using the outsourcing services of Trucept these companies, generally small businesses, are able to put their finite resources into their core activities.

Brian is also the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services. Dalrada Financial Services offers insurance, benefits, financial services, and outsourcing services to small and mid sized businesses. Dr. Bonar also has executive level roles with Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., The Amanda Co., Inc., as well as Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc.

According to his aboutme.com webpage, Dr. Brian Bonar earned his Bachelors degree at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. He furthered his education by obtaining a MBA and then a Doctorate from Staffordshire University.

Prior to forming Dalrada Financial Services Brian worked for a number of financial institutions. This included roles as an Engineering Director for QMS as well as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation. Working in these roles led to him learning about what works and doesn’t work in companies, and directly led to his formation of Dalrada Financial Services in order to help small to medium sized businesses navigate these water.

Outside of financial services, Brian has also invested into other ventures. He owns the San Diego area’s Bellamy’s restaurant. Winner of the OpenTable Diners’ Choice award for 2016, Bellamy’s offers it customers a Californian-French fusion and live piano entertainment.

The restaurant also offers an in-home catering service which is tailored for weddings, baby showers, corporate events, and everything in between. Brian was also able to bring French Chef Patrick Ponsaty into the fold, a chef that has won 15 “Best Of” and “Top 10” rewards in his 31 years of restaurant experience.

In July of 2010 PR Newswire reported that Brian was awarded Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The selection committee at Cambridge’ Who’s Who makes their choice for four member, two male and two female, chosen each year based on their professional abilities, academic achievements, and the accomplishments that have achieved in their careers.

UK Vintners: The Wine Specialists

Whether you are looking to buy wine for your private use or to resell them, UK Vintners is your stop off company. They are a company that specializes in the acquisition of the world’s most luxurious wine and champagne.

Regardless of the type of wine that you are looking for, the UK Vintners will be able to supply your needs. The company’s mission is to be able to provide you with the best personal service that you require. You will get access to the most prestigious labels from around the world.

UK Vintners has a team of expert wine consultants who will guide you with your wine selection. They have a vast knowledge and experience when it comes to wine and champagne. You can buy the wines online. However, should you wish to speak with the consultants, you can schedule a face to face meeting. You can either go to their offices or let them come to you at the location of your choice.

UK Vintners operates as an independent wine company and thus they are not affiliated with any company. They work with a network of wine merchants in search of the best and unique wine bottles.

UK Vintners mainly focuses on acquisition. However, they also focus on the sale and supply of the wine on behalf of the private companies.

Brokerage Services

They do have the brokerage services if you are looking to sell your wine. These services are offered in a number of options;

– The first option is where the company can list the wines they have in stock and the agreed upon price. The set commission will be 10%

– They can obtain the value price per bottle from the merchants. The price will be the unbiased market value of the bottle.

– The company can also purchase the wine from you at the current value of the bottle. If you are an existing client, the commission will be reduced from 10% to about 2.5%. The commission will be based on the full price.

The company will present to you these options first so that you can choose the one that appeals most to you.


All of their wine is stored at the London City Bound storage location. You will not pay any duty or tax if you are based in the UK.

Free Wine Evaluations

UK Vintners offers free valuation services if you have a collection of wine and want a valuation done on all your wine collection.

Click here to learn more about UK Vintners, PLC.


Fabletics – Athleisure Fashion to Revolutionize the Activewear Industry

The online subscription based fashion retailer, Fabletics has been observed to achieve such a rapid progress that it seems to be battling with Amazon intensely. The battle is to dominate the popular ‘activewear’ category. It took three years for Fabletics to develop into a $250 million fashion enterprise and now it is competing against the 20% stakeholder of the online fashion market, Amazon.



The “Reverse Showroom” Technique – Behind the Rapid Growth of Fabletics


The most effective approach implemented by Fabletics to win their customers is the ‘reverse showroom‘ technique. This technique refers to the opposite action of browsing through a range of products within the market only to end up purchasing the one that is the least in price. This means that the cheapest product will be found elsewhere compared to most of the places where the products were first browsed. Thus, Fabletics presents its customers the option to browse its products online with assistance from the company’s personally tailored customer service.



Fabletics presented this form of business to its customers because it understood the major needs, desires and hindrances for the modern age consumers. Consumers need to be presented with the most convenient options available. The desires associated with modern consumers involve products that are designed with more than just attractive features. New aged consumers love challenges and they certainly love challenging products. The biggest hindrance for modern-day consumers is the price. With unfavourable economic conditions, people would mostly prefer to buy the lowest priced products. Furthermore, people nowadays remain attached to strong brands. According to Fabletics, strong brands may be formed in this new age through effective branding and exclusive customer relationship management techniques. Fabletics believes that all these major attributes are necessary to be presented to its customers.



Fabletics’ ‘Reverse Showroom’ technique helps connect the company to its customers through the online subscription mechanism. This allows the company to perform comprehensive analysis on the preference of each of its customer. This analysis helps them to produce the exact products each consumer will want to buy instead of having similar styles of products which all consumers might not want to buy. Moreover, Fabletics is able to defeat its competitors through this technique in terms of lowest pricing compared to all the competitive brands within the current market. This is because this technique reduces investments made by the company on products which users will not want to purchase and instead investments are made only on those products which users will end up purchasing. Therefore, Fabletics follows this technique to maximize the probability of all the products browsed being sold off to customers for whom they are specifically made.



Fabletics’ Athleisure Apparels


Fabletics was Co-Founded by the ambitious, successful celebrity, Kate Hudson. She co-founded this company with the prime intention of engaging females in fitness training while sporting a fashionable look. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who are Co-CEOs of JustFab Incorporation, collaborated with Hudson after they noticed an alarming gap in the fashion industry for affordable, high-quality activewear that is easy to access. Together, they formed this exclusive brand in 2013.


The History of EOS Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth makes lip care products with natural ingredients. The lip balm nourishes lips while providing users with an invigorating experience. Premium ingredents, fun colors, and sweet scents are used to provide joy for users. EOS lip balm co-founder Sanjiv Mehra discovered the need to rejuvenate the beauty market, particularly the lip care aisle, which was filled with bland, medicinal lip care products in little, cylinder-shaped tubes. The products were largely treated as unisex products and the market was driven by price drops in order to stay competitive. Since the brands were not thinking out of the box, Mehra saw this as an opportunity. He joined forces with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathon Teller to design new updated products specifically targeted towards women.

The creative team wanted to develop lip care products that would be popular for a long time. They wanted to create something that was more than a passing fad. In order to do this, they came up with products that engaged all of the senses. After they formulated an organic product it took some time to get the lip care spheres onto store shelves. Most stores declined the product since they were targeted to women customers and many buyers believed that men used lip balm. However, the creators met with a female buyer at a Walgreens store who loved the products and agreed to open the EOS’ first account. Soon the product was seen on shelves at Target, Walmart stores and even on Amazon as word of mouth about the product spread. Social media was used as a tool to promote the products. Beauty bloggers were contacted to give reviews of EOS to their followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Young celebrities were also contacted to promote the products or publicly display use it.

Product Webiste: https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/



Killer Facts you need to know about Cotemar S.A de C.V

Cotemar S.A de C.V is a Mexican oil company involved in the provision of offshore oil fields development through the application of specialized vessels. The company was founded in 1979 and is located in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico.

Services Offered by the Company

Cotemar Company offers an extensive list of services which include; provision of working platforms for the pre-manufactured equipment and storage areas, offshore facilities maintenance and renovations and the delivery of submersible operation decks as well as diving survey equipment. Other services offered by the company include catering and accommodation services which include food preparation services, laundry, and ironing and common areas cleaning services.

Cotemar also involves in the provision of recreational facilities including gymnasiums, cinemas, basketball courts, and television areas. They also have specialized vessels for oil exploitation and transportation of these ships, the abrasive bulk materials used in the process, sand, barite and mud including others. After oil exploitation, Cotemar offers processing and transportation of the final products and also provides firefighting and hydrocarbon spills services. Conclusively, the company is involved in making the life for oil exploiters comfortable and enjoyable as well as making the general task successful.

Cotemar Institutional Work Values

For 37 years Cotemar has been guided by work values that have seen it succeed in the industry for all those years. These institutional values are;

Integrity- the company believes in consistency, honesty and acting in an ethical manner, both inside and outside the enterprise. Application of these values helped in creating a good company’s image in the community as a whole.

Reliability- Cotemar uses upright orientation and commitment to providing the expected results to its customers and the community. They take to be their responsibility to achieve successful business results.

Humility- the company believes in the power of teamwork and common respect which creates room for improvement each day.

Innovation- with stiff competition in the industries each day, Cotemar tries to adapt the trending methods which help them remain relevant in the market. This way they can provide the best services in the market to their customers.

Working Experience at Cotemar

When looking for a job, everyone is seeking to have a significant professional experience and probably learn new skills in addition to what they are going to offer Cotemar. For those who have had a chance to work for Cotemar, they testify that the experience is excellent. The company has an excellent working environment and motivating bosses. You, however, have to get used leaving long way from your family.

Reference: http://proveedores.cotemar.com.mx/

Brian Torchin’s Accomplishments And Work Life

Who is Brian Torchin? He is a businessman who has accomplished many things. If you want to learn more about his accomplishments and about his work life, then continue to read the rest of this article.

Companies Created By Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin created HCRC Staffing, which is a staffing agency for the medical industry. His company covers dentist opportunities, chiropractic jobs, physician assistant jobs, nurse practitioner jobs, physical therapy jobs and many more.

He has opened and managed a number of medical offices throughout the Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida area. He staffed his own offices with physician assistants, doctors and other medical professionals before finding HCRC Staffing.

Torchin’s company is based in Philadelphia and he offers his services in all 50 states. He provides his services to Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia, too.

Brian Torchin started the company back in 2005, and since then it has grown to become the go-to agency for medical professionals to find work, as well as for those who need to find help filling positions at their facilities, which includes hospitals, urgent care centers and other types of practices/facilities.

Brian Torchin’s Biggest Accomplishments

One of his biggest accomplishments was starting HCRC Staffing, which is one of the most well-known staffing agencies that caters to the medical industry. As previously mentioned, he serves numerous countries and all 50 states. Another accomplishment is he earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware.

Those who are interested in using Torchin’s services can visit HCRC’s website. His contact’s information can be found on the site.

AMVA fights against cyberbullying

Cyber bullying is not just a problem for young adults on social media Outlets: it also affects adults even businesses. Even the most credible business can lose a substantial number of customers through cyber bullying attacks on social media outlets and through Online Reputation Reviews sites. Sites such as Yelp and Facebook have become outlets for people to share their views about people and businesses. Sometime this is abused. One upset or angry customer can attempt to ruin the credibility of a business.

One association has decided to fight back on behalf of its members. Recently the American Veterinary Medical Association this was after a recent review showed that 20% of its members have been victims of cyberbullying through false reviews. There was even a case where cyberbullying drove one veterinarian to suicide.

The American Veterinarian Medical Association or AVMA created two valuable resources to help members facing false accusations and reviews. Now members of the American veterinarian Medical Association now have two new resources to help prevent cyber bullying from affecting their business.

Crisis management Consultants are available to discuss and give immediate assistance to those who are being cyber-bullied. This hotline is available for free for up to 30 minutes to any member who needs it. Additional time is also offered for a fee.

DMV reputation guard is also available four members through subscription this service retrieve information from online resources such as social media Outlets and make customer aware of reviews or results that could possibly be a threat to their business once information is found that is derogatory it helps provide customer with assistance in answering to the derogatory statements. Often mediation and a kind exchange of words can persuade an angry client to remove the information.

Your online reputation serves as a reflection of your true reputation. The internet has become a prominent part of everyday life. Anyone person has access to spread information about you, your family and business. It is important to monitor and remedy and activity involving your reputation. More business should follow the lead that the AVMA has taken to protect its members from fraudulent information.


David Osio Launches New App for Davos Real Estate Clients

Earlier this summer the Davos Real Estate Group announced that it would be launching a new application in an effort to better connect with its many clients while also taking the group in a more technological direction that is more consistent with the times.


David Osio, the founder of the group, has long talked about the collaboration with tech startup Tecknolution in the development of the Davos Cap Calculator. The app is intended primarily for clients working with agents of the Davos Real Estate Group to locate a properties for the purposes of investment. The Cap Calculator offers tools for users to determining the potential return on investment for any given property along with the potential fees and taxes they may have to pay. This allows clients to make more informed decisions when it comes to handling their estates and mitigate the risks based on their individual tolerance rather than solely relying on the counsel of agents.


Thought he Cap Calculator seems to be occupying all of Osio’s technological focus, it’s only the first step in a larger campaign. Osio has stated that the group will be releasing more apps in the coming months, many of which will focus on the ease of communication between clients and the agents that have been assigned to them and the availability of pertinent information. The Mortgage Calculator is the second slated for release. This new set of tools will give clients a decent approximation of the costs they can expect if they were to invest in a particular property, including details like the potential mortgage rates post loan and the increasing rate of interest over time.


The focus on technology from Osio comes as his group seeks to break new ground Europe. The Davos Real Estate Group plans to begin its venture in the country of Spain before branching forward.


For those wanting to give the Cap Calculator a go, they can access the app from their Android or Apple device.


About David Osio:


David Osio is the Founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group, applying his knowledge of business strategy and international relationships to a wide array of companies. Just like in the early days, Osio remains personally involved in the daily operations of his business, making him an integral part of acquiring clients and remaining a notable face to partners.


Over 20 years in finance has made the Davos Financial Group an established contributor to markets in countries all over Latin America, in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Follow Osio @DavidOsio1

What Makes Evolution of Smooth the best Lip Balm Product?

Lip balm is one of the most sold cosmetic products in the world today, more and more people are applying it daily to their lips to ensure they don’t dry up and end up cracking. Various companies have been dealing with manufacturing of lip balm to meet the customers’ demands. However, some of the companies produce better quality lip balms than others, and that’s why they are always leading in sales.

Lips is a part of the body with the thinnest skin. Whenever it’s hot, and there is little humidity in the atmosphere, the first part to be affected are the lips. They quickly lose the moisture in them and dry up. Applying a petroleum jelly on your lips will prevent the lips from drying up but using a lip balm is recommended. Usually, the lip bum is made from beeswax, and it is processed and added some flavors.

A lot of lipsticks brands has been on the market but for quite a while but one of the most prominent brands is the Evolution of Smooth or EOS. The product hit the market in 2009, and they have made it to the bestselling (see, http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245.) lipstick in the country. EOS is has been ranked forth as one on the list of the products that millennial love and use. EOS lip balm have defeated some of the pre-existing brands like Chapstick, Blistex and Burt’s and Bees.

Some of the key factors that contributed to the growth of the Racked sold brand to become of the bestselling lip balm in the United States are quality, unique packaging which seems so attractive and partnering with stars who has influence among the lip balm users. Among the stars the brand worked with is Miley Cyrus. EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/) branding is easily recognizable as there are no other lip balms come packed in round packaging.

Read the full EOS history on fastcompany.com.